Islamic Studies Model Question for Class - VIII

Islamic Studies Model Question for Class - VIII
Subject : Islamic Studies.
Time :   3 hrs.                                                                                                                                        Marks. 100

Answer any five of the following questions :                                                                               15x5 = 15

1.        What is called Tawhid ? Describe its importance and benefits.
2.        Briefly describe and Jannat and Jahannam. Describe the 'Masarif of Zilzal.
3.        Write down the shane-Nujul teaching of sura Al-Zilzal.
4.        Describe the 'Masarif of' Zakat'.
5.        How many kinds of Akhlaq are there ? Give their importance.
6.        Describe the causes and result of the Battle of Badr.
7.        Reproduce the Farewice Address of the great prophet (Sm) in your own words.
8.        Discuss the success of Hazrat Musa (A) and the destruction of  Firaun.

Short Questions                                                                                                                                    25x1 = 25

1.         What is meant by 'Ruhul Quds' ?
2.         "Verly for Allah! And to Him is the return" - this ayat has been taken from which sura ?
3.         What meant by 'Fathum-Mubin ?
4.         What is meant by'Tartil' ?
5.         What is meant by 'Tkhfa' ?
6.         "To day I have no complaint against you-you are free and are at liberty." Who said it ?
7.         What is the meaning of the 'Muhajir ?
8.         What do you meant by 'gzhar' ?
9.         Who was"Taitalanus" ?
10.       What is meant by 'Makhraj" ?
11.       "Peace and tranquility prevail up to the down of the night" Who said it.
12.       What is meant by 'Iqlab' ?
13.       "I have revealed this holy book for the welfare of human being. So, follow this and becareful. You          may have Allah's grace." - This ayat has been taken from which sura ?
14.       How many aspects of Iman ?
15.       What is the best levels of Jannat ?
16.       What is meant by Miras ?
17.       "Know it well that the doors of the heavens are of course, under the shadow of the sword" Who said     it ?
18.       What is meant by 'Jihad'?
19.       What do you meant by 'Zabil Furuz' ?
20.       "And all ofyou, catch hold of Allah's rope firmly. Do not be separated from each other "- This ayat         has been taken from which sura ?
21.       What is the right at the poor ?
22.       Who is the "Khatamun-Nabiyyeen." ?
23.       What is the secondphase of Akhirat ?
24.       "Fear Allah as regards your dealings with them. Because you are promise-bound to Allah at the time      of your wedding." - Who said it ?
25.       What is the social crime. ?

Islamic Studies Model Question for Class - VIII

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