English 2nd Paper Model Question for Class - VIII

English 2nd Paper Model Question for Class - VIII

Time :                                                                                                                                                   Marks. 100

[ The figures in the margin indicate full marks].

            1.         Answer the following questions : -
                        a)         Change the following Direct speech into indirect.                                   10x11/2 = 15
                                    i.          He will say, "I shall do the work tomorrow."
                                    ii.          Amina said, "Father, I shall go to bed now."
                                    iii.         He said to me, "Are you ill ?"
                                    iv.         He said to the son, Will you listen to such a foot ?
                                    v.         Father said to the son, "Don't quarrel with anybody."
                                    vi.         "Let's wait here till thesun stops," she said.
                                    vii.        Mother said to me, "May you live long."
                                    viii.       "May Allah help you"
                                    ix.         I said, "Had I the wings of a bird !"
                                    x.         The traveller said, "How wicked the boys are ?"

                        B)        Change the following voice into passive.                                                10x11/2 =15
                                    i.          Do you play football ?
                                    ii.          Shall I catch fish ?
                                    iii.         Whom did you meet ?
                                    iv.         Never tell a lie.
                                    v.         Let me write a letter.
                                    vi.         Do not laugh at the poor .
                                    vii.        Nobody knows him here.
                                    ix.         He showed me the greatest respect.
                                    x.         He must listen to his words.

                        C)        Frame sentences with the following Idioms and phrases. (With meaning)   10x11/2 =15
                                    A slow coach ; At daggers drawn; bad blood; Bolt from the blue; Carryout; Crying need ; Dead letter, Fair play; Fair play; Ere long; Every now and then.

                        D)        Fill up the gaps with appropriate Prepositions :                                      1X10 = 10
                                    i.          He is                 the committee.
                                    i.)         Jim stared                      Della.
                                    iii.         He dwells                      a five house.
                                    iv.         Hamlet pretended                      madness.
                                    v.         Take care                      your health.
                                    vi          I was born                     a middle class family.
                                    vii.        The ship is bound                       London.
                                    viii.       The students is busy                   his desk.
                                    ix.         The teacher prohibited               telling lies.
                                    x.         Our Principal is proficient                       English.

2.         Write a paragraph on the following topics. (any one).                                                     10
            a)         Discipline.                                 b)         Tree plantation.
33.       Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his brilliant success on the 3rd Term Examination.

4.         Write an application to the Headmaster of your school wanting a half holiday.                10

5.         Write a composition on any one of the following .                                                                      15
            a)         A Journey by Boat.                   b)         Kazi Nazrul Islam                      as a National Poet.
            c)         Obedience to Parents.

English 2nd Paper Model Question for Class - VIII

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