HSC Biology Model Test-1st Paper -1

Class – XII
Subject : Biology 1st Paper 
Time : 3 hrs.                                                                                                                                       Marks. 75
Group -A

1.         a)         What is classification? Define different types of classification.                              1+4 =5
            b)         Classify Margulis classification.                                                                                           10

Or        a)         Write down the characteristics kingdom Monera.                                                               4
            b)         Write down the characteristics of Gymnospermae.                                                             4
            c)         Draw Penicillium.                                                                                                                   3
            d)         Write the name of fungi of the disease " Brown leaf spot" of rice. Give the structure
                        of that fungi.                                                                                                               1+3 =4

2.         a)         Discuss about dark phase of photosynthesis.                                                                                  10
            b)         Draw the transverse section of a dicot root                                                                         5
Or        a)         Discuss about prophase -1 of Meosis-1.                                                                              10
            b)         Write down the in complete oxidation of pyruvic acid.                                                        10

3.         a)         What is plant succession? Describe about hydrosere.                                            1+4=5
            b)         Discuss on N2 -cycle.                                                                                                             4
            c)         Write down the exceptions of Medel's 1st law.                                                                    6

Or,       a)         Give a brief description of recombinant DNA Technology.                                                10
            b)         Write down the scientific name of the following plants__________.                                   5
                        (i)  Tobacco     (ii)  Chilli         (iii)  Gram        (iv) Cabbage   (v)  Asparagus.

Group - B

4.         Give the structure of Saceharomyces.                                                                                              5
Or        What is enzyme? Write down the characteristics of enzyme.                                              1 +4 =5

5.         Draw the longitudinal section of an ovule.                                                                            5
Or        Write down following definatians---
            (i)  Osmosis    (ii)   Vascular bandle    (iii)   Alternation of generation  (iv)  Stomatal
            transpiration.   (v)  Triple fusion.

6.         Give a short description on 9:7 ratio.
Or        What is Ecological pyramid? Describe about a pyramid of number.                                  1+4 =5

7.         Write down the internal differences between root & stem.                                                             5
Or,       Write down the differences between angiospermae & Gymnospermae.

8.         Classify different monosaccharide.                                                                                       5
Or,       classify different conjugated protein.

9.         Give the physical structure of DNA.                                                                                                5
Or,       Discuss about critical photoperiod.

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