English 1st Paper Model Question for Class-VII

Class - VII
Subject : English 1st Paper
Time :                                                                                                                                                   Marks. 100

[ The figures in the margin indicate full marks].

Questions :

1.         Write down the following stories in your own language (any three).                                3X12 = 36
            a)         The Liberation war       :           Part 1, 2
            b)         The fox without a tail :   Part 1, 2, 3.
            c)         Letter form Australia     :           Part 1, 2, 3.
            d)         Dividing the Bread        :           Part 1, 2.

Question :

2.         Write down the poem (following Text) :                                                                         1X10 = 10
            Any one -

            a)         Cloud !             b)         Sowing             c)         I Remember.

Question .
3.         Answer the following questions :                                                                                                2X10 = 20
            a)         What is Samira doing at the moment ?
            b)         What was Samira's blue book ?
            c)         Who was Anne Frank ?
            d)         What did she write ?
            e)         Why were the foxes Bilent ?
            f)          What did Mr. Fox say about his tail ?
            g)         What two things did Haspia really need ?
            h)         What did her baby really need ?
            i)          What are the four things people use to boil water ?
            j)          How much land did Abdur Rahim receive ?
            k)         What did he grow on his land ?
            l)          When do banks lend money to farmers ?

4.         Fill up the gaps with the given words :                                                                            1X6 = 6

enoug                                                                        h

            Rafiq's great grandfather had the (a)  land. He had thirty five bighas of land (b)  Than his son and it was (c)  for his large family. Rafiq's grandfather had the (d)  land. He had three bighas (e)  than his father and it wasn't (f)  for a large family

5.         Complete these sentences.                                                                                                        1X4 = 4

            a)         Five years ago laila lived near samira's -----------
            b)         The                  flowed near laila's house in the              .
            c)         Laila's relatives lived in the                    .
            d)         Laila's uncle and aunt didn't live                          her village.
6.         Write five true sentences in your exercise book from the table.                                       1X5 = 5
Mr. Fox

The foxes
Said he often thought knew.
Thought didn't know anything.

Mr. Fox's plan

Mr. Fox's meeting his tail their tails.

7.         Make five correct sentences using everything in the table.                                                           1X5 = 5

If you want to
keepa diary learn English watch television do well in everything.
You must
do your homework first practice for may years have excellent teachers write it every day practice and work very land.

8.         Read the paragraph. The sentences are in the wrong order. Write them in the correct order. 1X10 =10

            " So it's easier," grandfather explained. "Can yu tll me, grandfather. "I don't know," Rafiq replied. "Well two or more people work better than one, because they work more quickly."Why is working together important, Rafiq ? "grandfather asked. Rafiq and his grandfather were working together in their field ?

9.         Write about a hobby (within five sentences).                                                                                          4

            a)         The hobby you especially like ?
            b)         The reason(s) you like it ?
            c)         What time and how many times (i,e. everyday/week etc).

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